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Why I Post ‘Smoothie Selfies’

About a year ago I decided to join Instagram to see what all the buzz was about. I wanted to try to find and connect with other raw foodies, vegans and healthy peeps. At that point, none of my ‘real life’ friends cared much about nutrition or ethics in the way that I was exploring and so I was really searching for some like-minded folks who were passionate about the same things as me: I was looking for some cruelty-free conversation to fuel my creative fire. It turns out that taking lots of smoothie and juice pics was enough to draw out a few fellow fruit-fiends and veggie-lovers. So I started posting ‘smoothie selfies’ and the recipe combos to my favourite juice blends and before long I was developing great friendships with people all across the globe, who like me just wanted to chit chat and learn more about health!

Many of my friends and family members don’t really understand the ins and outs of social media, and while I definitely don’t claim to be any kind of expert on the subject, I thought I should give some sort of explanation for my curious camera habits and why I take time out of my daily life to like, comment and post about something so simple as food. 


1. It helps spread the message. As a health activist, my biggest goal is to help people become more aware of the impact their food choices can make not only on their bodies and minds but on our world and environment as a whole. When you think about the amount of natural resources (not to mention suffering) required to sustain the Standard American Diet, compared to a plant-based diet it’s a no-brainer! A single picture on a social media feed might not directly cause any drastic change, but it can spark inspiration in someone to make small, little changes to their day-to-day life that, when you think about it, seriously add up!

2. Meal Inspiration! There is such a lively community of healthy foodies out there - if you’re ever in need of a meal ideas or searching for a plant-based alternatives to your junk-food favourites, browse through the popular hashtags to see what other people are coming up with! And what better way to show off your latest and greatest green-juice recipe than broadcasting to the world your creation? You can help inspire others to try something new and the seasoned foodies are more than willing to give feedback or suggestions for improvement.

3. Discover and review restaurants, clothing & products. Whenever I visit a vegan-friendly spot or find a cruelty-free product, I let my followers know. It’s a great way to connect with local vegan foodies and see where the best flavours in town are. If you’re visiting a new or unfamiliar city, you can ask around and get a feel for what restaurants to try out and what places to avoid. Many vegan-friendly companies are getting hooked on Instagram too - you can find and follow your favourites - more often than not they’ll offer exclusive sales, deals or discounts to their loyal followers! Some of my personal favourites to check out are Dr Bronners, Lush Cosmetics, Blood Tight Apparel & Simply Straws.

So, yes - it may be kinda silly to post a picture of my blended breakfast in a jar while grinning like a mad fool next to it, and some people may think I’m nuts - but I’m going to tell you a little secret: I don’t really care. I’m passionate about living foods and I’ve seen first-hand the amazing benefits that can come from getting a little goofy about greens! This is who I am. I’m not a photographer and I’m not a model. I’m just a girl who loves clean, wholesome food and sharing it with the world! 

Let’s be foodie friends! If you’re someone who’s also interested in health and fitness - let’s connect! Feel free to add me on instagram or search for other people posting smoothie selfies like the fabulous ladies featured above (Kristina, Loni, Rawvana, Nina & Betty) - I guarantee you’ll find lots of delicious and nutritious recipes to try out AND you’ll meet some awesome folks along the way! 

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Enjoying the Sweet & Sour

Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of updates recently, all I can really say for myself is that I’ve been busy! Life has thrown a lot of curve balls my way over the past few weeks and months and I’ve been spreading myself a little too thin trying to manage it all. There’s soo much to catch up on and share with you guys! 

If you were to ask me a year ago what my ‘dream job’ might be, I would probably have told you something involving copious amounts of fruits and veggies, clean food and helping people get healthy! Somehow, through the power of intention and a little personal magic, I found a way to make that a reality. Without even realizing it! I found two amazing ways to fuel my passions; volunteering with a local organic food distribution company called Globally Local (more info coming in the next post!) and working at the brand new, 100% raw, organic & cold-pressed juice shop; Pulp & Press Juice Co.! Life is so juicy sweet and I am very thankful for these opportunities that are so in line with my passions and allow me to fuel my creative fire. 

Working at the juice shop

My studies, personal goals and relationships had taken a back-seat to the madness and excitement of it all for a while there, but things are settling into a new pattern of organization now, and it feels refreshing. This winter was especially long, hard and drawn-out and now that the warmer weather has finally started springing up here in London, Ontario, I’m excited to start fresh with my healthy habits.

And my writing habits for that matter! I began writing an ebook several months ago, but have neglected it quite a lot since. So in a mild effort to get some work done on the project, I’m committing myself to writing a page a week - which should be easy enough to sneak in, even when I’m feeling lazy or uninspired. Slow progress is better than no progress, the way I see it. I also promise to post on the blog at least once a week from now on, even if it’s just a quick little blurb like this one letting you know what I’m up to. :) 

Three links I love week:

Hope the weather is clearing wherever you are in the world too! What are some fresh habits you’d like to start up now that Spring has sprung? 

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The ‘Angry Banana’ Smoothie

I went to the Western Fair Farmer’s Market yesterday with a friend to stock up on a few weekly essentials. We had a great time; bought some delicious juices and checked out the new organics. I was also pleasantly surprised to find some organic rainbow carrots and purple kale among the stalls and as soon as I got home I felt inspired to create some sort of violet, magical concoction with my dark, leafy friends!

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make a juice or a smoothie, so I got creative and went for a little bit of both! I juiced the kale, with some beets, a carrot, apple and an orange, then blended up some bananas with sprouts, kiwi, lemon juice, blueberries and a few leaves of basil. Mixed ‘em together and this vibrant super-drink was created! 



Chop up the following and run through your juicer. Alternatively, if you don’t have a juicer at home you can use a blender and strain it through a cheesecloth after. Be warned: this juice will be very deep in color and stains easily - if you’ve juiced beets before you know what I’m talking about - just be a lil extra cautious about where you wipe your hands. This should yield ~500mL of fresh juice depending on the size of your produce.

  • 2 beets
  • 1 bunch of purple kale
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange


Next, mix the following ingredients in your blender (keeping the greens on the bottom to eliminate any big leafy chunks) and slowly add the juice to the mix to even out the consistency. 

  • sprouts (here I used pea tenders)
  • 4 bananas
  • handful of basil leaves
  • 1 kiwi, with skin
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries
  • juice from 1 lemon

Pour it into a big glass and enjoy! The recipe takes a bit of extra work but it’s surprisingly smooth & rich! Has a nice, light Earthy flavor & I really am pleased with it! And it definitely packs a nutritional punch! ;) Let me know if you give it a whirl and what you think! What’s your favorite way to use purple kale?

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Thanking Myself With Good Nutrition

I woke up this morning feeling happy, energetic and alive in my skin for the first time in far too long, and very thankful. Since coming home from my trip I’ve felt sick and in a funk; my eating habits were all off and I didn’t feel as excited about food as I normally do. After a few weeks of off and on again bad eating habits (LOTS of processed & cooked foods) I finally got smart with myself and got out of the way to let my body do the healing.

After just one day of clean eating with proper sleep and hydration, I woke up feeling strength in my frame and a spark in my soul. How silly we are sometimes when we’re feeling down to rely on “comfort foods” that really do us no comfort at all and in fact promote the moody, uncomfortable and dis-eased state that is a direct result of poor digestion, poor nutrition and an over-toxic system. I felt foolishly full of gratitude as I gulped down my lemon-water like in communion. Wow, so this holistic thing really works! 

I’ve put on a few lbs, big deal. My weight will work itself out once I’ve established myself back into a healthy pattern. I’ve stayed reasonably active; lifted weights a few times and cardio twice a week but nothing that has really challenged me - my inner trainer is being soft on me! Tisk Tisk!

A few days of abundantly raw meals will work my mood and energy back up and this laziness in my gut will be kick-started with green smoothies galore! ;) Have you ever felt like it was time to give your body a break and reward it with good, clean fuel? I’m taking a couple days to really repay my body for all that it puts up with from me. After all, she’s all I’ve got! 

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I’m back from my trip, busy working my way back into the swing of things, working on a full post for you guys but just HAD to share some pics from my adventure through Morocco and Spain. Great food, wonderful people and LOTS to share about my stay in the Sahara and La Tomatina; the world’s biggest food fight!! 

Definitely had an amazing trip and can’t wait to share more with you guys! <3 

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The Adventure Countdown Begins

So, I have a little sort of announcement to make that I can’t believe took me this long to fill you guys in on! I’m leaving for Spain in 5 days! :D My boyfriend (Cam) and I have been planning a little vacay for a while; he has family in Madrid, we both love to travel and since he is quite the experienced globe-trotter (he’s been to 36 countries - heyo!) he planned us a little hop over to Morocco to spend a couple days in the desert, yeah the Sahara Desert, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s only the largest hot desert in the WORLD! I’m so excited! 

One part of the trip that I am particularly excited about is a little venture to a town called Bunol in Valencia for ‘La Tomatina’ - the world’s biggest food fight! Some 50,000 people come crowding into town one day to throw tomatoes at each other! LOTS of tomatoes! We even went out and bought goggles for the event - to maintain throwing accuracy while not getting tomato juice in our eyes. ;) 


I’m packing right now and only really guessing as to what I’ll be needing. I’m focusing on light, loose and comfy clothing, a few dresses and skirts, lots of tanks with long-sleeve shawl and wrap-arounds. Cam recently convinced me to buy a pair of Keens so these will be the shoes I wear everywhere (except like out to dinner, I’m bringing a comfy pair of dress sandals for restaurants and such). They’re heavier than my Minimus runners but so far I like them a lot and I’m looking forward to seeing they hold out on the road! 

I’m so excited to taste the local fruit and check out the markets in Madrid! I can only imagine what kind of amazing flavours I’ll get to savor when I’m there! I PROMISE to take lots of photos and stay as up to date with you guys as possible while I’m gone with WIFI whereever I can find it. I’m bringing my ipod so I can stay in touch on instagram, facebook and twitter and my digital SLR camera that I haven’t used in YEARS so hopefully I’ll have some decent photos to share with you guys as well!

So, if you don’t hear much from me between August 10th - 30th you’ll know why! ;) Have you been to Spain before? Any tips or advice for while I’m there? 

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Juice Feast Day 2: Breakfast & Lunch

Day two of our juice feast began with a similar concoction as last night’s dinner. I got about ~2 L of juice from 4 lemons, 8 oranges, 6 carrots. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Orange/Carrot is one of my favorite fruit/veggie combos!


I made another version of my Strawberry Citrus Punch for lunch which was comprised of: 6 oranges, 2 lemons, 3 lbs of strawberries & a handful of blackberries. My man found strawberries on sale at the wholesaler for $2.99 per flat!! He brought home 2 flats (roughly 16lbs)! That’s what I’m talking about! Go big or go home & with prices like that, how can you not?! Strawberries are usually too expensive to make a lot of juice with them, but today I felt no shame about pulverizing the crap outta those bad boys and chugging their innards back with relish! Hehehehe! My frugivorous instincts are in full effect. ;) 


So far I’ve experienced a few expected cravings, mainly because I’m in an environment where there is cooked & processed food around me; the smell of fresh bread and simmering veggies and such are particularly intoxicating. But I’m feeling great, lots of energy and really enjoying the relaxed, light feeling in my stomach. :) For my first juice feast, I’m really loving it! And as a bonus, my hands smell delectable from handling all that fruit! Lemony-fresh baby!

This afternoon I think I’ll make a tomato juice & a green juice. Then maybe some pineapple and kiwi for dinner! I’ll post photos later to tantalize your taste-buds! ;p 

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Juice Feasting - Day One!

Today marks the first day of my juice feast! My boyfriend has been struggling a little with his health & fitness goals recently, so he decided to join me as well - which made my heart jump for joy when he told me! :p He went out last night to the wholesaler and brought back this gorgeous bounty of fresh fruits & veggies:


I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen last night with my juicer and made about 5.5 L of various juices: some orange/strawberry/lemon for breakfast, tomato/carrot/cucumber for him for lunch & green juice with pineapple/kiwi/lemon/apple/spinach/ginger for me. Simply delicious! 


Dinner we shared approx 4L of oranges, carrots and apples together! So smooth and refreshing!!


As most of you know if you read my blog, I usually have a juice of some sort just about every day. I’m a self-confessed juice-a-holic. But right now I just finished my green juice from lunch and I am buzzing from all those vitamins and minerals! ;) My boyfriend has informed me that he’s already had to take a few emergency trips to the bathroom - but I take that as a good sign. The more that comes out, the more toxicity you’re getting rid of! 

I’m not doing this for weight loss. I’m using it as a cleansing period, a chance to really let my body relax and focus on healing for a short while. Yoga, reading, inward reflection, affirmations & meditation are all part-and-parcel of my detox. :) 


I’ll be posting more pics of the juices I make over the next few days too. As well as any more info on detox symptoms or cravings we might experience. My main informational post will be at the end of the week to summarize & give more background knowledge about fasting & feasting with juices. 

Peace & Love to you all! <3 

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