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Green Spring Cleaning

The world has been tricked into thinking that the only way to get a sparkling clean kitchen is to wipe and spray every inch of our eating and living surfaces with toxic chemicals. But a few natural ingredients can do the trick for a fraction of the cost to your health and budget! 

Toxic Ingredients

To start with, begin looking for and avoiding harsh chemicals in your cleaners. Familiarize yourself with some of the following culprits: 

  • Chlorine bleach: Even short-term exposure can cause mild asthmatic symptoms or serious respiratory problems.
  • Ammonia: Used in many window and glass cleaners, it is a serious eye irritant that may cause headaches and lung irritation. 
  • Nitrobenzene: In furniture and floor polishes, it has been associated with skin discoloration, vomiting, cancer and birth defects. 
  • Petroleum: Many conventional detergents, solvents and polishes contain paraffin, mineral oil, diethylene glycol, perchloreothylene or butyl cellosolve - all of which are derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resource whose refining process causes major pollution. 
  • Phthalates: While they make those perfume smells last longer, they are also linked to cancer and disease of the reproductive system in laboratory animals. 
  • Phosphates: Encourages algae growth in water systems, which damages other marine life. 


 Choose Some Eco-Friendly Alternatives

  • Clean your sink with a sprinkle of baking soda and rub with a damp cloth. 
  • Nylon sponges are derived from petroleum, which means they are not recyclable or biodegradable. That Muppet-green sponge will live forever in a landfill somewhere. You can reduce the waste by using natural scrubbing options such as Cellulose sponges or natural sea sponges. Just pop them in boiling water for three to five minutes to disinfect.
  • Use a simple homemade natural antiseptic and antifungal spray by filling a bottle with water and ten drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil. 
  • For a variety of around the home cleaning uses check out: 51 Fantastic Uses For Baking Soda, 23 Ingenious Uses For White Vinegar, 22 Uses For Lemon Peels and How To Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit.

Earth-Conscious Companies

Here is a short list of a few companies I have tried or heard good things about. The top two are my personal favs featured in the pic above. :) 

What are some of your personal environmentally-friendly cleaning tips or tricks? Which green companies are your favs?

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I always love going home to my mom’s farm. She has the greenest thumb of anyone I know and her produce is soo delicious! I took a couple photos the other day while visiting and thought I would share. :) I’m so lucky that she gives me a basket of food when I leave. :) She sells her produce at various local markets and to restaurant owners in the area who want the most delicious veggies. If you are ever in the Owen Sound area, take the bayshore road up to Wolf River Farm and I promise you will never be disappointed. 

Nothing better than home-grown food! 

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