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Enjoying the Sweet & Sour

Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of updates recently, all I can really say for myself is that I’ve been busy! Life has thrown a lot of curve balls my way over the past few weeks and months and I’ve been spreading myself a little too thin trying to manage it all. There’s soo much to catch up on and share with you guys! 

If you were to ask me a year ago what my ‘dream job’ might be, I would probably have told you something involving copious amounts of fruits and veggies, clean food and helping people get healthy! Somehow, through the power of intention and a little personal magic, I found a way to make that a reality. Without even realizing it! I found two amazing ways to fuel my passions; volunteering with a local organic food distribution company called Globally Local (more info coming in the next post!) and working at the brand new, 100% raw, organic & cold-pressed juice shop; Pulp & Press Juice Co.! Life is so juicy sweet and I am very thankful for these opportunities that are so in line with my passions and allow me to fuel my creative fire. 

Working at the juice shop

My studies, personal goals and relationships had taken a back-seat to the madness and excitement of it all for a while there, but things are settling into a new pattern of organization now, and it feels refreshing. This winter was especially long, hard and drawn-out and now that the warmer weather has finally started springing up here in London, Ontario, I’m excited to start fresh with my healthy habits.

And my writing habits for that matter! I began writing an ebook several months ago, but have neglected it quite a lot since. So in a mild effort to get some work done on the project, I’m committing myself to writing a page a week - which should be easy enough to sneak in, even when I’m feeling lazy or uninspired. Slow progress is better than no progress, the way I see it. I also promise to post on the blog at least once a week from now on, even if it’s just a quick little blurb like this one letting you know what I’m up to. :) 

Three links I love week:

Hope the weather is clearing wherever you are in the world too! What are some fresh habits you’d like to start up now that Spring has sprung? 

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The ‘Angry Banana’ Smoothie

I went to the Western Fair Farmer’s Market yesterday with a friend to stock up on a few weekly essentials. We had a great time; bought some delicious juices and checked out the new organics. I was also pleasantly surprised to find some organic rainbow carrots and purple kale among the stalls and as soon as I got home I felt inspired to create some sort of violet, magical concoction with my dark, leafy friends!

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make a juice or a smoothie, so I got creative and went for a little bit of both! I juiced the kale, with some beets, a carrot, apple and an orange, then blended up some bananas with sprouts, kiwi, lemon juice, blueberries and a few leaves of basil. Mixed ‘em together and this vibrant super-drink was created! 



Chop up the following and run through your juicer. Alternatively, if you don’t have a juicer at home you can use a blender and strain it through a cheesecloth after. Be warned: this juice will be very deep in color and stains easily - if you’ve juiced beets before you know what I’m talking about - just be a lil extra cautious about where you wipe your hands. This should yield ~500mL of fresh juice depending on the size of your produce.

  • 2 beets
  • 1 bunch of purple kale
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange


Next, mix the following ingredients in your blender (keeping the greens on the bottom to eliminate any big leafy chunks) and slowly add the juice to the mix to even out the consistency. 

  • sprouts (here I used pea tenders)
  • 4 bananas
  • handful of basil leaves
  • 1 kiwi, with skin
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries
  • juice from 1 lemon

Pour it into a big glass and enjoy! The recipe takes a bit of extra work but it’s surprisingly smooth & rich! Has a nice, light Earthy flavor & I really am pleased with it! And it definitely packs a nutritional punch! ;) Let me know if you give it a whirl and what you think! What’s your favorite way to use purple kale?

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My latest food haul of organic greens & fruits! 

My latest food haul of organic greens & fruits! 

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Green Spring Cleaning

The world has been tricked into thinking that the only way to get a sparkling clean kitchen is to wipe and spray every inch of our eating and living surfaces with toxic chemicals. But a few natural ingredients can do the trick for a fraction of the cost to your health and budget! 

Toxic Ingredients

To start with, begin looking for and avoiding harsh chemicals in your cleaners. Familiarize yourself with some of the following culprits: 

  • Chlorine bleach: Even short-term exposure can cause mild asthmatic symptoms or serious respiratory problems.
  • Ammonia: Used in many window and glass cleaners, it is a serious eye irritant that may cause headaches and lung irritation. 
  • Nitrobenzene: In furniture and floor polishes, it has been associated with skin discoloration, vomiting, cancer and birth defects. 
  • Petroleum: Many conventional detergents, solvents and polishes contain paraffin, mineral oil, diethylene glycol, perchloreothylene or butyl cellosolve - all of which are derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resource whose refining process causes major pollution. 
  • Phthalates: While they make those perfume smells last longer, they are also linked to cancer and disease of the reproductive system in laboratory animals. 
  • Phosphates: Encourages algae growth in water systems, which damages other marine life. 


 Choose Some Eco-Friendly Alternatives

  • Clean your sink with a sprinkle of baking soda and rub with a damp cloth. 
  • Nylon sponges are derived from petroleum, which means they are not recyclable or biodegradable. That Muppet-green sponge will live forever in a landfill somewhere. You can reduce the waste by using natural scrubbing options such as Cellulose sponges or natural sea sponges. Just pop them in boiling water for three to five minutes to disinfect.
  • Use a simple homemade natural antiseptic and antifungal spray by filling a bottle with water and ten drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil. 
  • For a variety of around the home cleaning uses check out: 51 Fantastic Uses For Baking Soda, 23 Ingenious Uses For White Vinegar, 22 Uses For Lemon Peels and How To Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit.

Earth-Conscious Companies

Here is a short list of a few companies I have tried or heard good things about. The top two are my personal favs featured in the pic above. :) 

What are some of your personal environmentally-friendly cleaning tips or tricks? Which green companies are your favs?

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Salad Serenity - what makes a salad even healthier?

For vegans, vegetarians, or people who just want to cut back their meat consumption, eating more salad is usually a no-brainer. Everybody likes at least one kind of salad and you can always discover new combinations that make your taste-buds twirl. Salads are the most versatile, customizable & nutritious meals; right up there with fruit smoothies! In my experience though, especially when eating out, not all salads are inherently healthy.

The key to a healthy salad is in the dressing. Most people are shocked to learn that most dressings heavy in oils & fats (like nearly all store bought varieties - check your labels) make your healthy green dish into the fat equivalent of a big mac with cheese! Nasty! You can avoid these fatty & over-processed dressings fairly easily though. For example: when I eat out with friends & family, I ask for dressing on the side so I can put on only as little as I want, or I get a small bowl of lemon, tomato and lime wedges to use instead! It sounds like slim pickins, but acidic and flavorful fruits can make the best light & healthy dressings! Some restaurants will go above and beyond and bring you whole bowls of fruit

Then there is Caesar salad. I love Caesar salads, truly. When I went vegetarian, I learned not long after about the animal products & bi-products in most Caesar dressings and I was crushed. There are some brands that are vegan or vegetarian friendly, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack if you’re a label-checker like me.  

So what do you do if you crave the Caesar-style but want to keep it clean? Check out this new completely raw, gluten-free & nut-free vegan dressing by RawFoodz!

It’s called Sea-Zar Serenity and it is 100% organic, raw, vegan, gluten and nut-free! Sounds pretty good right?Well to top it off it’s made in Toronto from a company that promises "no short cuts, no fillers, no preservatives and no regrets!" Now there’s a bottom line that I can get on board with! :) 

I was straight up impressed with the taste. For only 50 calories a tablespoon I was expecting something a little on the bland side, but it was light, zezty & full of the Caesar flavor that I know and love! I think I’ll be trying out a few other styles of dressing from these folks.

 If you’re interested in giving this healthier alternative a go, you can order their dressing with Eco-Place Organics Delivery this summer and The Meatless Market in London has started selling RawFoodz products as well! 

 Spring really is the perfect time for salad, don’t you think? ;)  

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The lettuce was tryna get fresh with me!! :p 

The lettuce was tryna get fresh with me!! :p 

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I found a great spot for organic, freshly squeezed orange juice; this little supermarket called Sunripe not too far from me has these 1.89 L jugs of oj for 9 bucks. Might seem like a lot for orange juice, but 1 L is a meal for me, typically breakfast, and saves me an enormous amount of time and energy. It takes 27 large oranges to make approx. 2 L of juice, and roughly an hour of time if you include prep and clean up. So I deem 8.99 a worth-while price. :) 
I have to say it is quite delicious (almost as good as my own) and Im already planning on re-using these awesome jugs for storing my home-made juices in. :) 

I found a great spot for organic, freshly squeezed orange juice; this little supermarket called Sunripe not too far from me has these 1.89 L jugs of oj for 9 bucks. Might seem like a lot for orange juice, but 1 L is a meal for me, typically breakfast, and saves me an enormous amount of time and energy. It takes 27 large oranges to make approx. 2 L of juice, and roughly an hour of time if you include prep and clean up. So I deem 8.99 a worth-while price. :) 

I have to say it is quite delicious (almost as good as my own) and Im already planning on re-using these awesome jugs for storing my home-made juices in. :) 

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Adventures With EcoPlace

I have some exciting news to share with you guys that has kinda been in the works for a while now. So as you may know, a few months ago I made the decision to move to London, Ontario and take up a career in nutrition. At some point or another I was searching around online for food resources in the London area and I stumbled upon Emily Peat and her business EcoPlace Organics Delivery and the site It’s My EcoPlace. She has created an entirely organic and local food delivery business for people in London who want delicious and organic local foods without having to travel to the farms themselves! I was eager to not only learn more about her project, but see if I could get my hands dirty too, so to speak, and help out in some way. Emily emailed me back a few weeks later and we met up in London where we got along famously and discussed our shared love of organic and delicious food. So this season, along with Emily and Shannon Kamins (who specializes in gluten-free living) I’ll be blogging for Eco-Place, sharing new raw AND seasonal recipes and helping out with deliveries and market stands! I am really excited to be a part of this business and help other people learn to love their fresh fruits and veggies.

You can expect to see a lot of posts in the future about my experiences and adventures with EcoPlace Organics and hopefully I’ll be able to share what I learn about local-living with you guys!


Hope you guys have a great weekend! Let me know what your favorite locally found food is! :) 

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