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Conscious Eating - the laziest way to start eating clean!

A few friends asked for some easy baby-step ways to start a healthy lifestyle, so I made this quick video about how I began to make better choices for my health. Sorry for the poor audio quality, you might have to turn your volume to max, I’ll be using a better cam/mic for future videos, this one was just kinda off the cuff. :) Thanks for watching anyways! 

Check out this post on my blog about starting to eat consciously:

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Good Morning Lovelies! Today is the beginning of a new month & with it a new opportunity for change (are you getting sick of me saying that yet? hehe). Starting today I’m doing the 100 Squats A Day April Challenge & here’s my first video. My form isn’t great, especially near the end, but I’m a work in progress. ;) 

Now I’m off to stretch these jelly-legs out so tomorrow doesn’t kill me! ;) 

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A short lil video clip of me and the pup playin’ around & doin’ a lil yoga. :)  

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Short video clip of my yoga practice while @ Copp Lake this week. Probably my favourite place to practice. Small improvements, but just taking it one step at a time. 

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My messy morning hair yoga routine. You love the messy hair. ;) 

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My everything is tight today. This was just a fun playtime practice with my pup, and not my full practice, but even just in this playing around I noticed how out of shape I’ve become. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. 

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A documentary about food called ‘Eating’.

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So I started a youtube channel for documenting my experiences in transitioning to a raw food lifestyle. I dunno if it will be that interesting but I don’t care. lol.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends out there! :) Hope everybody is having a great day wherever you are!

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